White Privilege – Abou Amara – It is Lonely Out Here in MN State Capitol

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OK, So let’s explain this from the most welcoming, liberal, progressive and sooo moving forward folks. Hollywood and the Music industry that has awarded so many awards to African American artists fairly and justly. Oh wait……that is not correct. They usually and repeatedly snub them.

Alright, by now you either heard or watched the Grammys and how even for best Rap award went to a non Black artist. That is right, Rap music which was invented by African American musicians which is usually based on American urban life and its hardships. Not to mention the Grammys did not even had this award until Will Smith and his partner boycotted the grammys.

Rap Musicians boycott the Grammys:

By design, the Grammy is suppose to go to the musically talented person for their genre and not the most popular or big sales that is what American Music Awards are for. In other words, win by content rather than color or popularity. Well – that is not always the case in welcoming, moving forward and liberal Hollywood. The best and top awards usually go to those with the “right” color and not the right talent or music.

Here are some examples:

India Arie Speaks the truth about the Grammys:

Snubbed for his Skin Color and not his music. Please like me for my work – Kendrick Lamar:

How does this happen in 2014 really in progressive and welcoming music industry?

OK, now let’s move into Minnesota State Capitol where Abou Amara is the only African American Committee Administrator. That is right, out of all of the committees in the Senate, there is zero, zilch, nada person of color in a committee administrator position and in the MN House which has even more committees – there is only one, Abou Amara. Imagine that level of disconnect and dismissal. Committee Administrator has the ear and mind of the committee chair, they are the backbone of the chair and that committee. Nothing usually goes through without them. They sometimes are more powerful than the chair because they help him/her filter issues and information. Yet, a state and the party in control that tell us they are soooo welcoming, moving forward, soooo liberal could not find more than one minority person. Also, keep in mind they have increased the committees from the last party in control to give their own more opportunities. Yet, no equal opportunity for African Americans and other minorities. How sad and depressing.

Furthermore, Sen Bakk and Rep Murphy (leaders of the Minnesota Senate and House) want to spend over $80 million dollars for new chairs and parking space in a new building and get this – have zero money to fund Minnesota Department of Human Rights legislative bill that would assure state agencies are hiring people fairly. Oh – I don’t know maybe hire me by the content of my character and skill rather than my color or White Privilege. Oh no, Bakk and Murphy are opposed to this idea, that way Abou Amara would be lonely up there and no other Black person would be hired or even interviewed. Not to mention all of the state agencies that have embarrassingly low or non-existent minority leadership as assistant commissioners or staff. How sad but typical for Bakk and Murphy.

MN Senate and House leadership – Bakk and Murphy want and need new chairs and parking space at any cost – by any means necessary, even at the expense of improving human rights in Minnesota. What a surprise there, not really.

Let’s remember these are the politicians that many African Americans vote for because we think they are soooooo welcoming and move forward. If that is the case, why the double standard?

Why not approve the Human Rights bill supported by Council of Black Minnesotans and let the civil rights laws follow their intended hiring guidelines? Here is that human rights bill that no wants to push in this welcoming and moving forward state legislators:

As Caucus day is around the corner – ask yourself as you cast your vote for someone tha
t will probably forget about your concerns when they get to the state Capitol.

Vote Wisely and based on their record – not their sweet empty words and promises because that is what created this unequal access to employment and so many other areas in the first place.

Above words are my opinion and do not reflect any committee or agency.


Idil – Somali Autism Mom & Minority Advocate

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