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Comments Off on MN State Rep. Lesch wants to Eliminate Charter Schools

Alright – so, Rep Lesch who is a Democrat from district 66B in St. Paul told a MinnPost reporter that he wanted to put a moratorium on charter schools. Why would he be interested in this? why would he want to close and eliminate charter schools? Two words are the answer – teacher’s union. Unless you live under a rock, you know Minnesota public school districts notoriously fail, suspend or expel black and brown students disproportionately including my son. As a result, many parents including me enrolled our children in charter schools. This, of course, infuriated school districts because the money follows the child. School districts started losing children and some of them started closing schools.

Now, Rep John Lesch wants to be the union’s savior by eliminating their competition – charter schools. You would think a logical person would say – let’s first examine why so many families are leaving school districts to go to charter schools and fix it. Not the union-friendly Lesch. His first answer is let’s just eliminate them. Who cares about the kids who are succeeding and thriving in charter schools.

You see teacher’s union also known as today’s mafia gangs are very strong in Minnesota. They donate to most DFL politicians including Rep Lesch as well as Gov Walz. Actually, they own Walz literally. If they tell him to throw our kids under the bus and over the bridge, he will for sure do it without hesitation. If charter schools are eliminated in Minnesota, thousands of students many of whom are Somalis will suffer and fail. Now what? what can we do about this and how do we fight?

Rep Lesch held a town hall meeting today (2/8/20) in Falcon Heights which is where an innocent black man was shot and killed. Now a white man who represents this district that has lots of black and brown voters wants to screw with our children. Imagine the irony. I went to his town hall meeting. He also invited Sen. Marty who is mild-mannered but a closet racist in my humble opinion, and Rep Alice Hausman who represents district 66A. She reminded me of Phyllis Kahn. Remember her – the one that Ilhan Omar wiped the floor with in Minneapolis. I think Hausman is arrogant and has unpleasant ideas.

There were also probably over a hundred people who were mostly old white democratic women that bullied and were rude to anyone with a different opinion or ideas. Gee – I wonder where I have seen that before. Oh yeah, every DFL district in hillbilly Minnesota.

I was watching and studying their (Lesch, Marty, and Hausman) body language, facial expression and tone of voice. Hausman would not let anyone who did not look like her talk, she would cut them off or not allow them to speak. Sen. Marty played the Minnesota Nice aka passive-aggressive part and Lesch was a charming hyena.

My favorite speaker in this town hall meeting was a 16-year-old charter school student named Lincoln. She was intelligent, articulate, thoughtful and calm. You see charter schools produce students like her. She spoke about how she is thriving in a charter school. This kind of success is what Rep. Lesch wants to take away. He wants our children to fail. WE CAN’T LET HIM.

Rep. Lesch must be voted out and defeated at the polls this year because our children’s future depends on it. He does not represent his black and brown constituents. 

Please vote wisely and let’s defeat John Lesch. If he is not in office then he can’t hurt our children’s education. I think we can do it. Let’s meet and see what his opponent thinks of this issue. 

The above words do not reflect any candidate, agency or committee.

Idil – Somali Autism Mom