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Comments Off on MN DHS’ EIDBI Benefit for Autism Families and How Commissioner Harpstead is doing – not good

Alright so, now that I have retired from advocacy, I reflect and see what we did and how it was done. I realize that even when you have good policies and laws the fruits still depend on who is in charge at the state Medicaid agency.

I have advocated countless DHS commissioners and asst/deputy/etc., but the current one takes the racist cake. Harpstead is by far the worst one. She is savvy in how she screws with minority autism families. She hires Black and brown people that she knows do not give a flying hoot. If you look at the DHS leadership bio, you will think – it is a poster in a minority company in Atlanta or something. Then when you see what they accomplish or have done thus far you will see they are — oh what is the word…… it is really original, not really, it is title that we sadly have so many of them in minority communities especially within the black community, it is called ……House Negro also known as an Oreo, for the brown person it is called twinkie. Black and brown on the outside but pure George Wallace on the inside. Ugh so frustrating.

For EIDBI, DHS hired two white women. One writes policies as an DHS employee then goes to the state legislator and makes sure what she wrote as DHS EIDBI policy lead gets passed as a law. I dare you to tell me a Black or brown person with the same privilege. The other one uses her BCBA certification to provide credit education under DHS. What now? what the heck does that have to do with autism therapy? nada, zilch, zero and yuk.
No one in DHS leadership seems to see the problem with this. Nope, it is all good when they all look like each other. These two are given complete power without regard to how it affects autism families and EIDBI providers.
Further, they have approved sooooo many Somali and other minority EIDBI providers without making sure they understand the rules and policies. DHS has refused to train new and current EIDBI providers. Naturally when you do not know policies and what you are supposed to do, you will make mistakes. When minority agencies make mistakes what does DHS do? screw with them faster than a NY minute and drop them like a hot potato. Keep in mind white autism providers who steel millions like Lovaas and BDI are not on the news, billing never suspended, they even forgive the money they stole. How do you like them apples.

Folks, this is your votes at work. Lax walba meeshay is dhigtaa laga helaa.
Do not even get me started with county problems. You know the counties where DHS gives public funds to help people with autism and other disabilities. Counties like Dakota constantly short-change Somali autism families and other black/brown families. Yet, DHS has zero system to help these families to understand their rights and responsibilities. Ugh.

Well it is election year again, we cannot keep voting for the same people and expect different policies.

The above words do not reflect any candidate, agency, or committee.

Idil – Somali Autism Mom & Retired Advocate