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Alright – so, I have decided to retire from autism advocacy in May 2023. The last session was the last time that I will advocate for any EIDBI policy changes. I wanted to make sure that at least autism parents and other stakeholders have a say in whatever DHS or others try to change within EIDBI law.

From start to finish, Sen. Abeler who has been there for us from day one to the end of my journey ensured this and added this simple language that I requested. The EIDBI provisions go from line 167.13 to 173.6. The part I was interested in was ensuring that stakeholders including autism parents were at the table. This meant DHS can not just use their controlled ASD advisory council. That is a not public committee the public has access to. Here is the HHS Omnibus 

Here is the language I wanted which passed and is now a law.

169.22    Sec. 41. Minnesota Statutes 2020, section 256B.0949, subdivision 8, is amended to read:
169.23    Subd. 8. Refining the benefit with stakeholders. Before making revisions to the EIDBI
169.24benefit or proposing statutory changes to this section, the commissioner must refine the
169.25details of the benefit in consultation consult with stakeholders and consider recommendations
169.26from the Department of Human Services Early Intensive Developmental and Behavioral
169.27Intervention Advisory Council, the early intensive developmental and behavioral intervention
169.28learning collaborative, and the Departments of Health, Education, Employment and Economic
169.29Development, and Human Services. The details must Revisions and proposed statutory
169.30changes subject to this subdivision include, but are not limited to, the following components:
169.31(1) a definition of the qualifications, standards, and roles of the treatment team, including
169.32recommendations after stakeholder consultation on whether board-certified behavior analysts
170.1and other professionals certified in other treatment approaches recognized by the department
170.2or trained in ASD or a related condition and child development should be added as
170.3professionals qualified to provide EIDBI clinical supervision or other functions under
170.4medical assistance;

As always, I can not thank enough Sen. Abeler – the chair of the Senate Human Services Reform, Finance and Policy Committee.

From what I understand, DHS is supposed to update the public sometime in August. All good things must come to an end. I have one more session to advocate and it will not be EIDBI. I really do hope another autism parent who is interested in policy advocacy rises and continues this important work.

The above words do not reflect any candidate, agency, or committee.

Idil Abdull – Somali Autism Mom and Advocate

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Alright – so, if you read my blog then you know, I am not a big fan of any county. There is no good county at all. I came across Dakota county recently after a couple of autism families asked me to help them. Actually, I advocated for an autism mom, maybe a couple of years ago. She had to go to Minn Disability Law Center to get adequate support and resources from this county.

I have seen many counties that have biased and/or racist low-level staff. Usually, when I contact the commissioners or the director, things move a bit smoother, not Dakota. Top to bottom and bottom to top from their county commissioners to the receptionist and vice versa – they are all bad to the bone. I mean BAAAAAAAAD as in cold, heartless, useless, arrogant, ignorant, malicious, and cold. Did I say cold?

I wanted to know why so I looked into their county commissioners. Remember State Rep Halverson and Atkins? Well, let me remind you. They both voted against EIDBI. Well, actually back then we were not calling it EIDBI. It was simply asking state legislators that Medicaid covers autism therapy for low-income autism families. Yep, these two yukies voted against that. They also voted to dismantle the state autism task force we had back then.

Now, they did not win in either bill. Eventually, we (autism parents) won. But these two are now Dakota county commissioners. Imagine the level of bias and heartless crap flowing through there now. The commissioner that is in charge of the families I have been trying to advocate for live under Liz W. She is even worse than they are. Akhhhh.

This is why we need to diversify county commissioners. They hold so much power and are as ice as Minnesota snow. I remember Atkins when he was a chair in the House. I testified against a bill that wanted to only help autism families with private insurance while low-income autism families with Medicaid were thrown under the bus. He was as cold, rude, and heartless back then as he is a county commissioner. Why do we keep voting for these people. Insanity is voting for the same politicians and expecting different results.

The question of at least the funding and support this county refuses to provide to autism families needs to be addressed by DHS and/or CMS. This county needs to be held accountable for neglecting and screwing with autism families which is never acceptable and should never be tolerated.

The above words do not reflect any candidate, agency, or committee.

Idil Abdull – Somali Autism Mom & Advocate