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Alright – so, once in a while ok a lot, some politician says something so hurtful yet so true to their heart. Rep Newberger who is a Republican from Becker recently during House transportation policy debate said what his heart and mind were thinking “Boy, wouldn’t that be convenient, to have that rail line going from the prison to North Minneapolis”.

Please read that again, an actual Minnesota law maker saying that out loud. You can’t make this shit up. Clearly, this was no accident and Rep Newberger was thinking about this in his mind. It is just that his mouth said it before his mind can catch it.

Rep Moran who is usually mute when it comes to racial injustice as she was in so many autism bills spoke up. She told him off in a Minnesota nice way. I just wish, as the only Black legislator in Minnesota house – Rep Moran actually wrote bills and policies that fight and eradicate racial injustice. Sadly, she rarely writes good bills that have any lasting effects or produce positive results.

Plus, Rep Newberger wasn’t talking about structural racism, he is sadly just a racist legislator who said what his mind was thinking. And, when the state health department put the words “structural racism” in their report over a year ago, it was because that is what the people they talked to were telling them is one of the problems health disparity exists in Minnesota. Furthermore, health disparity exist because Minnesota department of health could care less. Oh sure, they talk a good game but they rarely have policies to match their empty words.

In other words, MDH talking about or caring about racial health disparity is oxymoron. MDH policies do the opposite of addressing racial health disparity.

Above words do not reflect any agency, candidate or committee

Idil – Somali Autism Mom & Minority Advocate

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Alright – so, Rep Winkler from Golden Valley, MN says he is leaving the state legislature and I for one am happy about that. This representative has been an obstacle to justice and equity. As usual, a Caucasian reporter from MPR tells us that Rep Winkler was a sharp tongue legislator.

Ah, excuse me but having a sharp tongue should not describe Rep Winkler, more like juvenile and immature in my humble little opinion. I always love how we are told when a minority person is passionate about something – we are called angry, emotional, blah blah. When a White person is passionate about an issue then it is sharp tongue, smart, fighting for justice, yada and yada. Oh please.

Rep Winkler has called Justice Thomas whom I personally disagree with –  uncle Tom. I know now what now – why would a White Minnesota legislator make such insensitive remark about a current Black U.S Supreme court justice. To give a hilarious lift – Rep Thissen stated Winkler was inpatient about injustice. Ahhh. now what now. Winkler was a member of Education policy and Public Safety and Crime Prevention committees in the House.

Let’s put this into context. Minnesota has one of the worst education gaps in the whole country and he was a member of a committee that is suppose to fix that. But, we are told he cares about equity. Come on now.

Don’t get me started on public safety and Minnesota’s issues with racial disparity in the justice system. Of the 87 counties in Minnesota – only one district attorney is a minority – Ramsey county. Zero is Black. The police cameras we hear so much during campaigns never pass in real time. The discretion of district attorneys are never recorded and there is no data or accountability for it.

Yet, Winkler cared about justice….come on now.

On a related note – Sen Bakk, (my other least fav legislator in Minnesota) was talking end of the session about the State Senate building and body history. It was condescending and almost painful to watch him describe how it was all White men senators and how women came in decades later. He even mentioned having the first openly gay senator, yet he did not mention the measly two Black senators, one of which was sitting behind him. He did not mention the hardship minorities go through daily in this upper body nor did he mention the voting rights act for Blacks. He did mention the women voting right though.

Both Sen Bakk and Rep Winkler have consistently and persistently voted against autism bills and equity for low income and minority autism children and families. I am glad Winkler is leaving and hope Bakk is defeated in the 2016 election. If Sen Bakk is sooooo good for minority issues in Minnesota – why do we have the highest racial disparities in almost every category? Think about it and please vote differently and wiser next election.

Above words do not reflect any candidate, agency or committee

Idil – Somali Autism Mom & Minority Advocate

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Alright – so, Remember when United Airlines’ logo was “the friendly skies”. Well – no more or at least not friendly to autism children and their parents. We have all heard the autistic child flying on United couple of weeks ago that had a meltdown due to her disability.

United kicked this child and her family out instead of accommodating her disability. If you travelled with a child that has autism – then you can understand how hard that is. Our kids are routine oriented, yet un-predictable. This kid would not eat what the airline was offering and had a meltdown. As a parent, you can bring everything your child ever ate or might want – then at that time, they might ask for something totally different.

I remember once on a flight, my son all of the sudden asked for a car ride. Oh la la….  Luckily, it was not United and the airline crew and passengers were very understanding. There was an autism teacher on board who played with him and distracted him. They even allowed us to walk on the hallway when he would not sit. They also allowed us to get out first and asked the other passengers to wait. If we can make accommodations for people with physical disabilities that use wheel chairs, then why can’t we equally be reasonable towards people with developmental disabilities. They are just as human. They are differently abled and not less. This really pisses me off to my core.

I think any child with a disability should access everything a typical child would and we as a society need to be understanding. I guess I will no longer be flying United and hope we all as autism parents, family and friends do the same.

This child’s parent is planning on suing the airline – I would say good for them and wish them good luck.

Above words do not reflect any agency, committee or candidate.

Idil – Somali Autism Mom & Minority Advocate

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Comments Off on Ron Carey Pulls himself up by the MAC school bootstraps

Alright – so, if you live in Minnesota and have a child with autism then you probably heard of Ron Carey. If not – here is a brief explanation. Ron is the previous chair of the Republican Party of Minnesota, he also has a child with autism. In addition, he is the chair of the biggest ABA center in Minnesota. And, the icing on the cake is the director of the …….wait for it….The fake MAC school.

Here is the full story, the MAC school tells autism parents and autistic children they are a public school located in Eagan. Then they tell the state education department they are a private school, then they tell the state Medicaid agency they are an ABA center. Confused….don’t be, this is the Ron Carey way. You know that folks that tell us pull your darn-self by your bootstraps. Mr. Ron Carey makes about $270,000 a year by charging….wait for it….the state Medicaid agency. uhm..why is Medicaid paying for any education skills? good question for DHS. And, since when do students in a private school use medical transportation and my favorite since when is a private school free. All sound confusing and complex, right? It is not.

Mr. Ron Carey might run for office one day – I personally can’t wait for that. How will he explain The MAC fake school to the poor voters. Unless of course he is not counting on running or asking for the poor vote.

I have seen Minnesota Department of Human services have for lunch minority owned child care centers by breakfast if they don’t have their emergency books in the right location. Yet, Mr. Ron Carey can run a fake, free private, non public school, charge Medicaid and get paid quarter a million and no one blinks.. come on and give me a bleeping break. I get it James Brown said it is a man’s world, but really DHS ….surely you can’t be blind or deaf here.

The best part, no one in the fake school seems to know who Mr. Ron Carey is. Maybe he is the invisible director that directs from his mind and soul than actual presence. How lovely.

Here is the info for MAC who pulled in almost $20 million of public funds and if you scroll down – you can see Mr. Ron Carey’s salary for doing an invisible job at the fake MAC school.

Above words do not reflect any agency, committee or agency.

Idil – Somali Autism Mom & Minority Advocate

Comments Off on Why Are Some Special Education Schools In Minnesota Moving Towards Segregation & Seclusion?

Alright – so, remember it was not that long ago even in this country when children and adults with disabilities were separated from society and secluded in institutions and hospitals. Now many states including Minnesota especially after the Jensen Settlement have moved towards inclusion and integration which I think are good.

So, then why are some school districts in Minnesota secluding majority of autistic kids by putting them in the basement corner of a building. Some school districts decided without input from parents or the public to put students from kinder-garden to eight grade in corners of a buildings. Children with disability should be schooled near their typical peers, and not secluded or segregated in any area.

The IDEA policy clearly state children must have access to education in the least restrictive environment. In other words, kids with disabilities including ASD must have access to mainstream classes and neuro-typical kids. In this setting or as I like to call it “hell hole” does not provide LRE, generalization or appropriate education. Instead it provides seclusion, segregation and separation.

In the long run, this type of setting will set us back to the old days of institutions and hospitalizations. We should instead move our kids with ASD into more inclusion and integration. Plus, if we hide the neuro-typical kids from our ASD kids – how can they possibly grow to have compassion and understanding later on for our ASD kids. Neuro-typical kids should be exposed to kids with disabilities in schools so that later on in life our kids are not bullied or intimidated.

The bigger question is why is MDE (Minnesota Department of Education) allowing this clear exclusion and segregation. Side note, MDE’s compliance division has zero person of color. How is that for irony – the division in charge of compliance and quality does not have one single person of color. Yet, they are suppose to be fair and objective which is pretty hard when you have nothing in common with the students and families who depend on your decisions.

I hope the state legislatures and/or federal guidelines prevent any school district that want to take us back to the old days when we would hide and shame people with disabilities by putting them in corners and out of sight.

As a mom to an autistic child, this kind of behavior from any educational district really breaks my heart.

As usual, above words do not reflect any agency, candidate or committee

Idil – Somali Autism Mom & Minority Advocate

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Alright – So, Minnesota Autism Center which has over 300 Autistic kids many of whom are minorities according to public data operates a school. They call it “The MAC School”.  Now, in order for a school to be a school – it must be either a private or public school. Or a charter school which functions under the same guidelines as public school.

According to Minnesota Department of Education – the MAC school is not a public school nor a charter school like the Lionsgate. Ms. Marshall who is the executive director told the state education department the MAC school is a private school.

This then begs the question of why are children using medical assistance transportation, such as Care Cabs since they can’t transport students into private schools? Why is the MAC school then billing Medicaid even though they are private school. According to MDE – Medicaid can be billed for specific mental health services, but not for 8 hours a day and 40 hours a week for every kid which is what the MAC school is apparently doing.

In addition, if this is a private school = why are the behavior therapist told to teach the kids academics, but write ABA and medical treatment in their progress notes. And, why is KEPRO who is suppose to only authorize medically necessary skills therapy authorizing thousands of educational hours for a private school.

Finally, if the MAC school is a private school – why isn’t there any diplomas or graduations for these kids?

There are a million confusing questions about the so called MAC school which is run by Ron Carey – the previous chair of Minnesota Republican Party of Minnesota and Ms. Kathryn Marshall a local attorney.

Here is what I think along with many other autism parents and advocates – The MAC school is an ABA center providing educational and academics while billing CTSS under DHS/MA/Medicaid and are calling themselves a private school.

Sound confusing – imagine how autism parents and children feel. I hope that DHS/CMS and MDE assure our autistic kids get what they need and not what the owners of MAC want. Autism without on purpose confusion is challenging – there is no need to add this un-necessary chaos.

In other words, what exactly is “The MAC School”? I ask DHS and MDE to assure they are what they call themselves and KEPRO authorizes only that to assure our autism kids and their parents don’t get the run around.

Here is the list of Minnesota’s public and charter schools as well as nonpublic school and here is the MAC website where they falsely call themselves a school. They are not a public, private nor a charter school, but DHS and MDE must address it.

Above words do not reflect any agency, committee or candidate

Idil – Somali Autism Mom & Minority Advocate

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