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Comments Off on U.S Commission on Civil Rights Releases – Beyond Suspensions Report – 6 out of 8 agree there is Racial Disparity but two Do Not – what the heck?

Alright – so, I have been trying to figure out about suspensions and school discipline ever since my son was suspended by Kelly Morris and Jaysen Anderson of Bloomington Public Schools on May 3rd, 5:18pm of 2018. This is a date that I will never forget. It is a date that pushes me to advocate and figure out why there is such a disparity because a kid is a kid is a kid irrespective of his/her color, race, ethnicity or disability.

There are so much debate and disagreement on this issue. The reality is most democrats support the teachers and their unions while most republicans support principals/administrators and their associations. This makes me wonder who supports the children and families – no one. Not in Minnesota State Legislature anyway. I have tried to reach out some of the national folks who work on this issue. Sadly, there isn’t anything that can move the needle at the federal level or any other state. This is extremely frustrating. Parents and/or those that claim to help students and parents are not really organized and cohesive, at least not as much as the unions and lobbyists are.

I am not sure how this issue will be tackled but I do not one thing. Every Thursday at 5:18pm, I am mad about what Jaysen and Kelly did to my kid and how they have forever changed my world and how I see public education. I also know that I will never stop advocating even if this hill seems a long one to climb. A couple of weeks ago, the U.S Commission on Civil Rights released a report on this issue. Take a read here. 

It was interesting 2 of the 6 members did not agree with this report and one is an African American male who wrote this. He also wrote this more detail dissenting statement which if you read it twice – it kinda makes sense.  I just wonder what the solution is then. I also think and wonder if someone like him can’t see the problem then how can a white privileged person possibly see it. He cites a Minnesota school teacher who was hurt by a student. There are more students hurt by teachers and administrators yet no outrage. Frustrating.

Above words do not reflect any candidate, agency or committee.

Idil – Autism mom