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Comments Off on DHS Commissioner Piper Autism grade falls from F to F- (is that even possible?)

Alright so, Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) is headed by probably one my least favorite commissioners  Piper – well maybe MDH’s Ehlinger takes that price. Ok, my second least fav. At any rate, DHS under Piper keeps getting worse and worse. Let’s start with their autism policy lead – NB.

Have you ever heard of privileged WASP? ok, so Polling at MDH takes that price. Ok – well maybe the female version of privileged WASP would be NB at DHS. I have seen manikin’s with more empathy and compassion. But that is not even the problem.

I worked extremely hard to get Minnesota’s early intensive behavioral and developmental intervention (EIBDI) to be passed by the Minnesota state legislature in 2013 then worked even harder for The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to approve it. One of the requirements was that DHS would engage with autism community stakeholders before it made any changes to EIBDI or before it wrote any policies involving EIBDI. Well – DHS policy lead, NB throws that out of the window with Piper’s blessing and Wilson’s blind eye. I have seen Piper fire people from DHS because they were not DFL enough as though DHS is the Minn Dept of Democrats. I have seen Piper diminish the responsibilities of really amazing folks at DHS who has helped us so much before, yet autism policy lead who in my opinion is as cold as Minn ice, as ignorant as Sarah Palin and as cruel as Clarence Thomas is still there. Who suffers in all of this chaotic environment? autistic children and their families as well as small agencies that are providing autism therapy.

So what did DHS change and did not consult with anyone? Well how comprehensive autism evaluations are done, how the treatment plan is processed and submitted, how parents have access to this or don’t have access to it, and so much more. Counting the days when Piper is no longer at DHS – that is in November when Governor Dayton’s term ends and god willing a different governor wins, preferably not Liebling or Murphy. That is another day and another blog.

The person that I am most disappointed with is Alex B who is in charge of DHS’ disability division. Alex knows right from wrong and has been around the block in autism issue including autism in the Somali community. But as the saying goes, you can lead horse to water but you can’t make him drink it. I am also disappointed with Asst Commissioner Claire W who on the surface seems genuine but still so much BS happens under her leadership and she allows it.

Above words do no reflect any committee, agency or candidate.

Idil – Autism Mom and Advocate

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