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Comments Off on Education Minnesota Refuses To Teach Black and Brown Students

Alright – so, if you read my blog or know me then you are aware I am not a fan of the teacher’s union in Minnesota. They are known as Education Minnesota. There is nothing educational about them. They control every democrat in Minnesota including many of the black and brown legislators. In fact, some even work for them like Rep. Frazier. So, what gives? Well, we get who we vote for and if we do not hold these politicians accountable for their policies or lack thereof then we have no one to blame but ourselves.

Voting is only part of the problem, the other is ensuring they do what they promised their voters. How can we do that? Following and understanding legislations. This is no small task. I know – even I get a headache and get tired at times. So, what did Education Minnesota do this legislative session and why are so many black and brown legislators including Somalis standing by idle – no pun intended.

  1. They managed to take the discipline bill out of the big Senate education Omnibus bill. They can blame the GOPs and the sun, but it is all of them. The GOPs are not in power in any state government body. Not one single black/brown legislator protested or spoke against it in the Senate floor including the two Somali senators. Ugh.
  2. They ensured our children do NOT read at grade level. What now? isn’t school supposed to teach students to read at grade level. Nope, if you are the white teacher who wants to fail and suspend our children.
  3. They ensured Ethnic studies were an optional and NOT a requirement. That means our history is not a requirement to learn in schools, but white history is. How do you like them apples.

The saddest and most frustration of all is that all of these crappy policies and laws are happening when there are more black and brown legislators in Minnesota including the senate than ever before in history. So, why vote for black and brown people if we are still going to be screwed with?

Education Minnesota tells any democrat to change, add, delete any law or policy and they jump on it with no hesitation and no reservation. This is the organization that managed to fire the teacher of the year few years ago. She was a Somali teacher.

Let’s put this into prospective. Minnesota has one of the worst suspension rates for children with autism, other disabilities as well as black and brown students, and we cannot pass a law to keep them in school? Minnesota has one of the worst education gaps in the country and we cannot require teachers to teach kids to read at grade level? And, Minnesota has so many racist and bias policies, but we cannot require all students to learn our ethnic history which should be American history. This is sooooo irritating and frustrating.

When I started my autism advocacy in 2008, I used to think – only if there were more black and brown legislators who looked like me then there would be progress. Now there are 5 Somalis, countless other black and brown legislators, and we are still struggling. What the heck?

Giving two-dollar grants to few agencies does not make up the horrible and shameful racial disparity we have in this state. We have to learn how to vote better and how to hold them accountable. Voting for the same people and expecting different policies is the definition of insanity.

The above words do not reflect any candidate, agency, or committee.

Idil Abdull – Somali Autism Mom & Advocate