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Comments Off on Severson Right For Our Community – Simon Wrong for Everyone

Alright so – you are thinking what does the secretary of state office have to do with autism. Well, let’s explain since our goal should be to support those that supported autism and our community.

 VOTE FOR DAN SEVERSON – YES                                                                         STEVE SIMON – NO

Severson Supported Somali Autism Mothers and Children to get equal access for autism therapy Simon is Against Somali Autism Mothers and Children (he voted to give $4 million to wealthy autism families by taking it away from low income and minority autism families – click here for that
Severson was responsible for the continuation of the MN Autism Task Force in 2014 Simon Voted for Hf-2282 and wanted to eliminate the cost free MN Autism Task Force – click here for that
Severson went to countless Somali community events and functions for years – before he would ever run for office Simon just showed up in the last couple of months after he decided to run for office
Severson will streamline and make MN SOS office business section fast and fair for ALL Simon will create inequality and more bias policies which will make difficult for minority and women to create their own businesses
Severson will support abused women to have Po Box as their address for safety Simon not so much
Severson supported autism bill to cover ABA therapy for low income families and connected us with legislators that supported us in 2013 session Simon supported autism bill HF181 to cover therapy for only wealthier families authored by Rep Norton in 2013 state legislature session
Severson supports minority and women owned businesses Simon only wants votes from minorities and women
Severson is sincere, authentic and genuine who will work in a bipartisan manner to get the job done Simon is partisan politician and the opposite of Wellstone

Severson says he will streamline voting by creating “express lane voting system that would allow Minnesotans willing to present identification to skip through Election Day lines”. “This is another way in which we can secure our system and actually accommodate voters more effectively” Severson told Mpls Tribune. Personally, I think this is a great idea because those with ID and don’t have time to wait those really long election lines can still vote. I know that many autism parents don’t have the time to stand in line for hours to vote and would rather use the “express lane”. It is sort of like the express lane on the highway because the driver took the time to get someone else to carpool. Or waking up earlier and going for an oil change at 7am and going through the express lane. In other words, if some voters want to get ID – then I think they should be rewarded for that extra step and vote through the express lane. By the same token, those without ID can use the regular lane and still vote. I think this is a win – win scenario.

Whereas Simon just wants to use one size fits all voting – everyone stand in those loooong lines including autism mothers who simply can’t leave their children that long, the student who has a class, the worker who would rather vote and still be on time to work, the disabled person who might not tolerate those lines or the senior who might be too tired to stand in those long lines.

You see – Simon will make voting hard and complicated. Severson on the other hand will make voting fast, efficient and friendly.

In addition, Severson has come to our community sharing his ideas for the business side of SOS office. There are many Somalis and other minority business owners and Severson will make that easy, fast, efficient, cost effective and friendly for ALL business owners. Simon is elite, arrogant and out of touch whereby Severson is kind, compassionate and caring. I remember begging Simon to help us with autism at the state Capitol and he would always look at me like as if he was better than us and now that he needs out votes, he is coming around to our community – come on we can’t have amnesia.

MN League of Women Voters will host the final debate between Severson and Simon on Tuesday Oct 28th, 2014. Please come and show your support for Severson. It is worth noting that for an agency that preaches equality – Minnesota LWV has zero African American staff or board member. I wonder what that means because MN is no longer Lake Wobegon – rather Lake diverse and for this agency to not reflect the diversity of Minnesota is sort of hypocrite. Well, maybe there is hope if they fill the open positions with women of color.

On Tuesday November 4th, 2014 – PLEASE VOTE FOR DAN SEVERSON. HE HAS BEEN THERE FOR US AND HE WILL BE THERE FOR YOU. (Fadlan U Codee Dan Severson – aan u hiilino wuu noo hiiliyee, MAHADSANID!)

Above words do not represent any committee, candidate or agency.

Idil – Somali Autism Mom & Minority Advocate