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Comments Off on Bloomington School Board Members (Maureen Bartolotta & Nelly Korman) Need to be Voted Out on November 5th, 2019

Alright – so, Bloomington public schools including Jefferson high school have a shameful racial discipline disparity record according to Minn Dept of Human Rights. Jaysen Anderson and Kelly Morris have suspended my son who has nonverbal autism and does not even understand what the heck suspension is. Additionally, the teacher Kelly denied him his communication device, disrupted his daily routine then called security and the principal (Jaysen) on him. How do you like them apples?

As that was not bad enough, the district board members backed and protected the adults in this situation. If we (parents) want to change the system, then we need to use our votes/voices wisely. Few of the current board members are up for re-election this year. I recently went to an event held by the league of women voters where the current and hopeful candidates were asked various questions that mostly came from the audience including me. Not surprisingly, the first half of the questions were about Bloomington’s horrible and shameful racial disparities. Based on the answers given by the couple (Maureen & Nelly) who are running for re-election and need to be voted out – they did not really have any good answers. In other words, they seemed to suggest things are fine under their leadership. Of course, this is not true given that Bloomington is one of 43 school districts in Minnesota with high racial discipline disparities for students with disabilities and students of color.

Nelly who is an immigrant and a minority said a lot of things that she did not practice when my son was being kicked out of his educational environment. For example, Nelly said that she puts herself in other’s shoes by listening to their concerns. Now what now? She has never called or responded to any of my messages. She said the district went to the Minn Dept of Human Rights with a plan. The problem is this district suspended my child couple of months after they made a deal with the human rights dept to not suspend kids of color or students with disabilities. In other words, they did not practice what they promised. I went up to her and told her that it is my hope she loses this election and in the sad event she does not, we must keep coming back until she is no longer on the board.

Maureen did not really say anything significant nor substantive. She basically said the school district is doing fine. I am sorry but our kids are being kicked out of this district and are failing. This is not fine. It is heartbreaking & unacceptable. A child’s home is school, but Bloomington school district is kicking children out of their home in a way that is disproportionate. Racial disproportionalities are caused by either conscious or subconscious racism. She said compromise is where the best decision for the kids comes from. Does this mean kicking a nonverbal autistic child was the best decision. I do not think so meaning Maureen has got to go and be voted out of the board this year!

Who is running against them? Seriously I would help if a mannequin was running against them.

John Moravec – I thought was intelligent and pragmatic.

Mia Olson – I thought she was the kindest and had a lot of compassionate thoughts.

Heather Starks – I thought she was very articulate and did her homework.

In summary, if we want our children to learn and be nurtured in Bloomington Public Schools, then we need to vote out those whose leadership caused racial disparity in discipline and graduation. Insanity is voting for the same people and expecting different results.

From frustration comes good change.

Please go out and vote Tuesday for any of the three I mentioned above if you want to make a change and finally make a dent in racial disparity.

The above words do not reflect any candidate, agency or committee.

Idil – Somali Autism Mom