Update to my last post – I stand Corrected about Rep Cornish

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Alright – so, in my last blog post, I wrote without checking all of the facts and reasons behind Rep Cornish’s remarks about the climate of our state and the nation’s racial disparity, in particular the relationship or lack of relationship between the police and minority communities.

Now, in retrospect – this is not an area that I understand or follow all that well. Only what I see in the news here and there. Of course, as a Black woman, it bothers me as it does many others what I see on the news. At any rate, I heard back from many legislators in the state, many of whom were mad. Some said “what is my problem since they have helped me and our community with autism related legislations”. Some said “what¬†solutions would ¬†I suggest”. Some said ” I should stay focused on what I know and not get involved in every issue”. I agree with everyone that contacted me, more importantly I appreciate every legislator that has helped us write, push and vote in so many autism bills and legislations that have passed in Minnesota for the past few years. I also thank and appreciate every congressman/woman/staff and federal personnel that also helped pushed autism issues at the federal level.

Mostly, I want to thank Rep. Cornish for making me understand what he meant. I can understand where he is coming from. I understand that BCA is under DPS which is under Gov. Dayton and how one can assume their work could be less objective. I can also understand where Gov. Dayton was coming from. Our state sadly had some of the worst racial disparities in the country, and while I don’t read minds – Gov. Dayton and Commissioner of DPS, Dohman’s body language seemed as though they really care and what has happened bothers them.

Below is what Rep. Cornish said to me.

The Governor was totally wrong. He is the leader of the organization that is going to investigate this tragedy. The BCA is the Law Enforcement Agency that is going to try to find out the total story. Gov Dayton is in charge of this unit. By saying what he did, he prejudiced the case. He came to a conclusion already on this case in his statements that went out nation and even world wide. Please read this attached letter. I have never stated anywhere, that I don’t believe racism exists. In fact, on WCCO radio, I admitted that it did. I just said that we have no idea if it played any part whatsoever in this case.

I think I will take folks advice and stay out of any issues outside of autism.

As usual, above words do not reflect any agency, committee or candidate.

Idil – Somali Autism Mom & Minority Advocate