Update on Disney and Autism Families Lawsuits

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Alright – so, Disney known as the happiest place on earth became the unhappiest place when it changed it is reasonable accommadation policy for individuals with autism and other disabilities.

I have taken my son to disney more times than I can count ever since he was one. Then few years ago, Disney changed it is policy. Everyone regardless of their abilities or disabilities had to wait in their loooooong lines. Well, actually if you had a child with autism, they gave you a card, you took it to whatever ride your kid wanted. The ride people told you the wait time is an hour, two, etc. The last time, I took my son there, they told us the wait was for one hour and half and we can come then.

Well – what happened next was olalalalaaaa. My kid was not able to wait that long as it is often the case for many children with autism so he tried to climb up into the ride, had a behavior on the floor, and would not get up. We had to call for help; they helped us get out of Disney and that was the last time we were there. This was before the pandemic.

After their new rule, many autism families have sued and I have been following the outcomes. There have been over 40 lawsuits. Initially the families won, then Disney repealed, and lately as recent as last year in the fall, Disney has been winning. Ugh.

The last case was in front of the 11th circuit Federal court. This is sooo frustrating and is one of the reasons that I am big proponent of having judges who reflect the people they serve in disability and racially.

Here are some of the Disney/Autism Lawsuits:



Disney can’t dodge mom’s lawsuit after autistic son was barred from Lehigh Valley Mall store for not wearing mask


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Idil – Somali Autism Mom & Retired Advocate