Mohamud Noor Gives A Disappointing Speech @ Brian Coyle Redo Caucus

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As we all heard by now, Rep Phyllis Kahn who has represented district 60B in Minneapolis which now has lots of Somali Americans has been in office for decades. Rep Kahn is now being challenged by Noor who is a Somali and recently moved to this district.

He is also the interim executive director at Confederation Somali Community of Minnesota (CSCM) after Dr. Saeed Fahia sadly left. I initially was very excited about Noor’s candidacy because I thought he sees the pain, the frustration, the lack of good jobs, lack of enough affordable housing, youth without guidance and direction, lack of safe playgrounds and parks, etc and etc. I was mostly excited because he sees families dealing with autism, mental health and not even aware of services or resources to help their children.

Overall, Noor should be in tuned with the community since his office at CSCM is below Cedar/Riverside – but his speech lacked the real needs of our community. He sounded more like a polished politician rather than a community leader. He said to an audience of hundreds of Somalis eager to hear his agenda – “it is not about me, it is about you – it is about us”. I am sorry, Mr. Noor but not talking about the real issues this community has suffered with for years was not mentioned. His speech was not about us, it was more about him and his political ambitions. I know some might say, he is a politician, so what is wrong with having political ambitions. Nothing if they in parallel uplift your constituents, but if they feed your ego, leave your voters in the dust and say bunch of sounding good words that have no real meaning then you are no different than your opponent. You are no different than all of those before you that have failed this district for years and decades. And, it would be a shame to elect you and wake up years later with the same problems. This district needs to wake up now and demand someone who will represent them not in just skin color, but in policy and positive outcome.

They say in autism, if a child has any behaviors it is best to nip it right away before it becomes a rigid routine. My advice for district 60B voters would be to nip Mr. Noor’s selfish political ambitions. If he is not going to talk about, have policy ideas and address your health, education and economic concerns then he is no different than Rep Kahn or any other elected official in this district. I mean think about it, if they are so good then why are your children suffering with autism – the highest number in Minnesota (1in32), why are your youth wandering the streets with no real future, why do your elders mostly have chronic medical conditions and mental health is as common as Canjeero?

You see, the current Cedar/Riverside elected officials (most of them anyway) have not really addressed your concerns by nipping and fixing the issues, and if Noor behaves like he did last Wednesday at Brian Coyle redo caucus, he is no different rather more of the same.

I was very disappointed by Noor’s speech. I think he gave a mediocre speech – at best. He had the momentum and the ears of so many and he blew it. How can we be sure he won’t neglect us if elected? how can we be sure he won’t become like so many other politicians interested in their ambitions rather than their constituents concerns?

This district deserves elected officials more like Sen Wellstone and sadly they don’t exist – maybe not even born yet. There was a man who truly cared about his voters, the little guy, the underdog & the most vulnerable. He never acted arrogant, behaved selfishly or took his voters for granted. I miss him!

In addition, at the redo caucus – voters were asked to present proof of residence by MN DFL chair and associates. I am not surprised by that, but really surprised how little attention that got in Minnesota given the level of meltdowns they had over voter ID in 2012. More double standard at MN DFL – nothing new here. Results: Noor got 28 delegates and Kahn got 15 delegates. I just hope we don’t vote for folks because of their skin color, but for their policies and creative ideas. That is how our community will succeed.

(Fadlan ha u codaynin siyaasi barkee isku qabiil baad tihiin, ama waa Soomaali. Waa in aan u codayno qofka bulshada Soomaliyeed dhibaatooyinka haysta si fiican wax uga qaban doona. Waa in aan u codayno qof laf dhabar iyo damiir leh oo noo istaaga. Hadal kaliya haan ma buuxsho ee qiiro yay na qaadin).

Here are some photos and notice where residents are being asked to cough up ID’s.

In a related story, Mayor of Minneapolis – Hodg
es hands the previous Brian Coyle Caucus investigation to St. Paul due to some conflict of interest
. I think (knock on wood) Hodges might be the next MN DFL that can come close to Sen Wellstone and of course Rep. Clark. 

Above words are my opinion and do not reflect any candidate, agency or committee.


Idil – Somali Autism Mom & Minority Advocate

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