MN Medicaid State Agency Medical Director – Dr. Nathan Chomilo – suky suky suky

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Alright – so, Dr. Chomilo is the state Medicaid agency’s medical director. He is an African American whose parents are from Africa. I tell you he is all kinds of goodness poured into a cup of tea. Oh please, get your mind out of the gutter; I have shoes older than him. Kidding aside, I first heard this guy testifying in MN House Health and Finance Committee several weeks ago about Minnesota’s health disparities. At first, I thought – oh great it must be an election year. Tell us again how bad black and brown Minnesotans are doing. What would an election year be for democrats to not mention how bad things are. Oh wait, they have been in charge and have done nada, but they always come back to tell us this time it will be different. Because this time they will (Sally Field) really really really like us.

We have seen this movie and we know how it ends – no change; just take our votes for granted. Then I listened to him and watched his body language and tone. There is something real and authentic about this guy. I do not think he is faking it like so many in state government especially dflers do. He seems and sounds like he actually cares about the health and well-being of black Minnesotans. Time will tell. In my humble opinion, and if One Minnesota Hoax Gov Walz cares about health equity he would have hired him as the commissioner of the HEALTH department. You know, the do-nothing about autism nor health equity state agency headed by out of touch Jan M.

I hope he stays genuine and pure. I hope he accomplishes tangible results and fruitful outcomes for black Minnesotan’s health and wellbeing. The notion that DHS cares about health equity, especially under Gov Walz is an oxymoron, but I guess we will see how his efforts play out.

More about him, read here and here. 

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