Lovaas’ Dr. Larsson wants to milk the system using EIDBI and autism families

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Alright – so, I think Dr. Larsson is arguably the most racist, cruel, heartless, SOB person I have ever had the displeasure of meeting. This A-hole is the sole reason, I became a policy advocate. Let me put this into context.

When my son was 5 years old, this sh???t head discharged my kid by saying he was not going to be cured of autism. When the f??ck did he find a cure for autism. I remember the day he told me this. I remember what he was wearing, where he sat, how he sat, and his words like it were yesterday. If you are a parent and some nutjob tried to screw with your child, then you can understand my pain.

I remember I went into the garage and cried like there was no tomorrow for what seemed endless. After I pulled myself together; I wrote my plan for the following week.

Step one – call the governor’s office and ask how and where I can file a complaint against Lovaas and Dr. Larsson. Gov Pawlenty was the governor in Minn at that time. They tell me to call DHS’ commissioner who refers me to Dr. Sulik. (I sooooo miss him). Sulik calls Alex B and she tells me I cannot file a complaint because DHS and the state do not pay or cover ABA. I am thinking what now? My son gets ABA. How is he getting it? It turns out – if you were middle class or higher, you could get TEFRA which enabled your child to get autism therapy through Medicaid. If you were low-income and had MA, the same therapy was denied to your child. How do you like them apples? The state Medicaid agency was denying autism therapy to the poor while it paid for the wealthy. Isn’t Medicaid for the poor?

This started a long fruitful journey in which we eventually prevailed. Larsson and his vanilla posse were all against it. They testified against it, hired a lobbyist to screw with us, and even a publicist. Boo hoo, cry me a river. In the end, the low-income autism family won.

So, why is this racist SOB now even in EIDBI? greed. Remember how he fraudulently stole Medicaid money to the tune of over 2.8 million dollars. Well, he is baaaaaack to take advantage of the system again. It must be nice to be a white privileged man. If a black man did what Larsson did, DHS would have him for lunch by breakfast. Soooo infuriating.

In yesterday’s committee hearing, he brought an innocent Somali autism mom to use. Lovely. We are not stupid and will not fall for divide and conquer.

What is he asking – highway robbery and to steel again at the expense of the children with autism. He wants a rate increase for services he testified against, why? greed and more greed.

This bill needs to go bye-bye and fall off from the Omnibus. The Gov and DHS already have a more thoughtful and comprehensive way of doing an EIDBI rate increase. Why would the state do this twice at the same time? It is not cost-effective, and a golf club in Alabama in the 1950s is more inclusive than Larsson and his posse.

I ask Chair Noor to do the right thing and eliminate this bill. It is not needed. There is already better language in DHS’ bill which will have more inclusive and diverse voices. The goal is to be inclusive, not exclusive.

Oh and, I also sued this A-hole in federal court – 8th circuit. This is also why I am constantly asking to have judges that reflect us.

The above words do not reflect any candidate, agency, or committee.

Idil Abdull – Somali Autism Mom & Advocate