It Must Be Election Year in Minnesota – This is when MN DFLer’s Remember US

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It is 2014 and it is again election year in Minnesota and across the country. This is usually when Governor Dayton and others like him flock to minority communities and pretend to care.

Puntland which is the middle region of Somalia just elected a new leader Dr. Abdiwali, trained economist in Somali National University and George Mason University. And, Minneapolis which has large Puntlanders celebrated this victory in Mpls Convention Center on Feb 1, 2014.

Well – it turns out those that won last election with few hundred to few thousand votes and have been missing in action in addressing Somali community issues showed up again in search for more votes. No surprise there.

Governor Dayton gave an insincere speech that is aligned with his don’t care minority policies. Let’s see where shall we start after Governor Dayton won in 2010 election with less than 9000 votes, he promised to hire more staff and leadership of color including Somalis in his administration. And, so far there is …..then there is…..oh wait there are NO Somali staff in his office or his administration. I can think of at least 10 Somalis, half from Puntland that applied jobs with his transitional team and were never even considered – let alone hired.

Yet, Dayton seems to have selective amnesia and keeps showing up in Somali functions. And the worst part is so many Somalis and Puntlanders share his forgetfulness. They are just happy when he comes, takes pictures with them to post on Facebook – blah and blah.

Maybe his policies have addressed Somali issues in Minnesota including Puntland? Well there was the …..then there was…..oh wait there are NONE. But – who cares about policies & legislation as long as he takes pictures with us, that should be good enough. As long as he says he cares while nothing happens, that is still good enough. Because you know at least he talks to us whereby Somali government officials would never ever ever talk to the common folks. Just be happy and don’t worry – no one cares about any policy. Picture is worth, um.. oh what is the phrase – oh yeah a thousand meaningless words.

So, we are just happy and in content with Dayton’s empty promises, no actual policies, no Somali hired, and no hope for any future goals. Pictures with him posted on Facebook and some websites are good enough. That is right, who cares of why so many Somali kids are failing in Minnesota schools or graduating with worthless diplomas that did not prepare them for any job. Oh wait – there are no jobs in south/north Minneapolis, no Somali vendors in the hundreds of millions going to be spent on the Minneapolis Vikings stadium, health disparity high among Somali children and women. Not to mention – no autism research in sight by Dayton health department. But all of that is just silly to ask him because taking pretty pictures and posting on Facebook is all we need.

My favorite line is when a Somali says – those bad stats of education gap, health disparity, high unemployment is not about Somalis – but more for African Americans. There is nothing better than a combination of arrogance and ignorance. Because Somalis are not African Americans – oh wait Somalia is located in Africa. Well – what do you know. And, wait more because we are here because African Americans paved the way and the best for last what happens to your brother/sister never happens to you. Oh wait – it does. Qofkii walaalkii, loo xiroow, adna soo qoyso.

In sum, I am not surprised Governor Dayton is showing up in Somali events, I bet he has no idea what Puntland means, where it is located, etc. What frustrates and quite frankly pisses me off is how easily we forget how no one of Somali descent was hired by his administration, no policy/legislation addressing any Somali issues passed by his office and most of all how Dayton has totally and completely ignored one of the biggest health issues affecting our children – Autism while he willingly met and entertained Caucasian autism communities, while ignoring Minority autism families. How we forget all of this just to have a worthless picture with him on Facebook.

How much more gullible and silly can we get. Where is the leadership for Somalis in Minnesota with a backbone and a spine. Who stands up for us, who speaks for us and who advocates for our causes with real tangible goals and hopes? This saddens me to my core.

A little background of Puntland, Somalia that Maybe Gov Dayton should’ve read before his speech last night, see here:

Above words are my opinion and do not reflect any committee or agency.
Idil – Somali Autism Mom & Minority Advocate

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