How will Minnesota Schools Reduce Education Gap? Keep kids in school – what a novel idea

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Alright – so, ever since my son was suspended by the union-protected teacher, Kelly Morris, and lobbyist-protected principal Jaysen from Bloomington school district, I have been advocating for a law that would prevent them from doing it to another kid. Rep. Richardson who chairs the MN House of Reps Education Policy committee has been a champion in this issue. She was able to pass pre-K suspension ban legislation a couple of years ago. Richardson has another bill this year – HF 951 which will prohibit K to 3rd-grade kids to be kicked out of school. It will have a hearing tomorrow in the Education Finance committee chaired by Rep. Davnie. Below is my written testimony. I plan to testify orally as well.

Thursday, May 3rd, 2018, 5:18pm @neverforget.

Minnesota House of Representatives

Education Finance Committee

Chair – Rep. Davnie

March 23, 2022


Re: HF 951, Keeping K to 3rd-grade students in the classroom and teaching them

Dear Mr. Chair and Members,

Many thanks for the opportunity to testify today in support of this important legislation. I want to thank Rep. Richardson for her focus and tenacity in our children’s education.

This is a political body, and I would like to speak to you as such.

  • I want to say to all of the legislators in this committee that Minnesota has the only divided legislative body in the country. What this means is that your voters have mandated you to work together and get along for the benefit of all your constituents.
  • I want to say to the Democrats – you control two of the government bodies here which means you slightly have the upper hand. You have been supporting this bill from last year and this year, but you have got to come out stronger by saying what you mean and meaning what you say.
  • You must get Education Minnesota and the teachers to support this bill with no reservation. You know that black and brown voters have supported you. Now it is your turn to support their children and ensure they are kept in the classroom to learn and be nurtured. I respectfully and humbly ask you to carry this bill to the finish line and not let it become a casualty during the conference committee hearings.
  • Now to the Republican legislators – yes, the principals and administrators need to have a toolbox at their disposal. Kicking young students out of school does not have to be a tool in the box. Maybe this toolbox can have compassion, competency, and kindness
  • Finally, I know you are aware that racism and discrimination exist in the education system and elsewhere. It was Sen. Coleman who first helped us, Somali autism families, back over a decade ago when we were advocating for autism awareness in our community. It was Abeler and Hann who helped us with DHS’ inequalities and ensured Medicaid covered autism therapy. Please help us now with the education gap by keeping the kids in school so that they can learn and prosper.

I beg all of you in this committee to validate parents’ pain and children’s despair by standing with us, for us, and by us. Please support HF 951 this year like your life depended on it because it does.

I thank you for your time and listening as always

Idil Abdull