Governor Dayton Picks Heartless Hammer Smith as Running Mate or The Lt Governor for ONLY working MN DFL women

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As you all heard by now, Sadly – Governor Dayton of Minnesota picked his running mate and it is Tina Smith. Or as I like to call her Heartless Hammer Smith – (HH Smith)

What is even more sad is the fact that our state which calls itself progressive, moves forward and a party that claims to be inclusive never even thought or considered a MINORITY RUNNING MATE OR MINORITY LT GOVERNOR. Think about that the next time you cast your vote.

There are so many wrong reasons with HH Smith, I don’t even know where to start. Well – let’s start with Autism which is my passion and is sooooo personal to me as an autism mom. HH Smith told our community to take a flying leap back in 2011 when we asked her office if they intended to continue the great work by Governor Pawlenty’s health department. We were told Gov Dayton will be too busy for the next four years to meet with our autism parents or community. We were told, MDH is doing a good job and no autism research will be done. And, when we asked what exactly Minnesota department of health is doing that is good for autism – they could not come up with one example and just ignored the issue from there on because that is what HH Smith does best.

That is ignore, belittle, dismiss, disregard and disrespect those that either disagree with her or God forbid ask questions. Then it turns out Gov Dayton did have time for the wealthy Autism families twice and invited them to his office which he happily posted in his Facebook.

When we asked about autism disparity, instead of addressing it her then health policy adviser – Dan Pollock helped Rep Norton (the queen of autism disparity) write the very discriminatory amendment in health and human services finance committee in the house. Remember the one that said – let’s pay and cover autism therapy for the wealthier autism families who don’t even qualify for Medicaid and pay for it up to age 18. By the same token, for the low income autism families on Medicaid because of their income – their coverage would only be up to age 7. Can you imagine what goes through such person’s head, mind and soul to come up with two different policies. One for the haves and one for the have-nots. These are small children with a disability and to treat them differently was inhumane and selfish which is exactly what creates autism disparity – unequal access to the same therapies.

But that is what we would get if Gov Dayton wins a second term – A Lt Governor who is inhumane and selfish.

Furthermore, just recently, HH Smith made another insensitive comment when she said “I work because I am a Democrat woman”. Now what now? What the heck does that mean? So, all of the women who work at home and raise their children are not worthy or can’t be a good MN DFLer? You see if HH Smith disagrees with you for any reason – she will step in your head, heart and soul. And, she will do it with no care, no remorse & without blinking. She is as cold as ice and as heartless as a hammer. Another example; there is no African American policy adviser in her office because our advice and opinions are irrelevant. In addition, when HH Smith was the chief of staff for then Mayor RT of Mpls – she ruled the same way in Minneapolis City Hall and lacked compassion.

I beg you to take a real look at her record, her insensitive words and her actions towards stay home moms who work harder than any other women, minorities who have suffered under her iron fist rule and her disregard for anyone with a different idea. Imagine if you are not a democrat working woman? are you not a Minnesotan, not a woman, not a human being?

Ask yourself and please vote HH Smith and her backward moving Gov Dayton out in Nov 2014. Use your precious voice wisely and don’t be fooled by their exterior, look into their interior. It is empty, cold and careless towards your needs.


Idil – Somali Autism Mom & Minority Advocate

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