Dakota County Attorney Backstrom has Retired – Goodbye and Good Riddance

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Alright – so, as I have mentioned many times the state of Minnesota has become and has been for generations a place that is very difficult for black and brown folks. I am not going to go over why and what we can do about it as I have already done in this blog many many times.

The good news is Dakota County attorney who has been there for decades stepped down from his post. I am no fan of him or any county’s justice system for that matter. Because he left during his tenure, the board commissioners have to select the next county attorney until the next election in a couple of years. Who applied? more of the same who have the same bias policies that created this racial disparity, to begin with.

Kathryn Keena served under Backstrom and if you can believe is worse than him. You see she has indifference attitude towards justice whereas Backstrom was rude and arrogant. She is the wrong person for this and I hope the board does not appoint her. Minnesota is at a crossroads and at a gut-wrenching moment in racial inequalities. If this state is to make any progress in this, people like Ms. Keena are all wrong. They are about the past, not the future.

Elizabeth Lamin – she is from Ramsey county attorney which is the only county that has a minority as the head. My bet is she is probably better than Ms. Keena for sure.

Tom Pugh – a democrat who is a retired judge. He may also be better than Ms. Keena.

Dakota county has a lot of diverse communities including a lot of autism families. As you can see no one looks like us on the board; not yet anyway.

The above words do not reflect any candidate, agency, or committee.

Idil – Somali Autism Mom & Advocate