CBS’ Gayle King to Walz – You’re The Governor; Do Something About Systemic Racism in MN

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Alright – so, Minnesota is arguably one of the racist states in the country. No, this not my opinion; it is a fact and based on data. While Minnesota has exceptional education and health care system; black and brown people are failing in schools and have one of the highest racial health disparities in the nation.

Minnesota Governor was being interviewed by Gayle King from CBS regarding yesterday’s verdict and he kept on preaching as though he was running for office. Walz stated Minnesota is a good place to live and raise a family except for black and brown people including education, health, homeownership, etc. At one point Gayle K told him “You are the governor, do something about it”. This coming from Gov Walz is ridiculous given he is the mother and father of systemic racism. Gov Walz has been here for years now and we are still struggling with disparities in every corner. Department of Human Services under him has discriminated against more black and brown employees than the past several governors combined. His health dept commissioner refused to hire a Somali Ph.D. public health professional from Mayo even though she wasted his time and interviewed him kazillion times. Note this is the health agency that hires clueless hillbilies as asst commissioners and/or in leadership positions. Under Gov Walz, teachers (protected by teacher’s union which he unapologetically supports) fail our kids while he helps the adults and screws with students.

The audacity of him preaching equality would be Jay Leno funny if it weren’t true. He needs to take a look at the mirror because he will see systemic racism. He needs to be a one-term governor. We (Black and Brown) folks need to stop voting for politicians like Walz who dismiss, disregard, and discriminate with impunity.

Something is rotten in Minnesota.

How did Minnesota become one of the most inequitable states?

Racial inequality in Minneapolis is among the worst in the nation. 

How Minneapolis, one of the most liberal cities struggles with racism.

Minnesota 2nd worst for inequalities for blacks in the nation. 

Minnesota among the worst in education gap.


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Idil – Somali Autism Mom