Background Checks Needed for EIDBI Services in Minnesota – Autistic Kids Must be Protected

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In Minnesota, any Jack or Jane can have access to children with autism via early intensive developmental and behavior intervention (EIDBI) therapy. While DHS tries its best, it is not required; only recommended. This is wrong; children with autism must be protected. MN Dept of Human Services put this in their budget this year and I have been trying to advocate in both the senate and house to ensure it finally passes this legislative session. For the record, I was the sole person who testified for this provision in the house and senate. A flashback to how it was only us (Somali autism parents and community leaders) who testified and pushed EIDBI, but as usual DHS neglected and denied to give credit where credit is due. Lovely. Gee, I wonder why racial disparity is so high here.

Note: I can’t wait which wasp person DHS gives credit for pushing this.

Minnesota State Senate
Human Services Reform Finance & Policy Committee
Chair – Sen. Abeler

Dear Mr. Chair and Members, many thanks for the opportunity to share my written testimony regarding the governor’s budget for DHS. My name is Idil Abdull; I am a Somali Autism Mom & Advocate.

I would like to first thank all the legislators in this committee who helped and supported us pass the Early Intensive Developmental & Behavior Intervention (EIDBI) benefit so many years ago. Because of your efforts and hard work, so many children with autism and their families are able to receive the therapy and services they need.
Unfortunately, at that time, we were all so eager to get this bill pass that we did not think about requiring background study for providers who would be providing the therapy. As you know, autism is a developmental disability. Often children with autism may remember word for word a movie they saw a year ago but may not be able to describe what happened to them that morning. It is imperative that we protect these vulnerable children by ensuring anyone who has access to them has had their background checked.

Currently, there is no state law requiring this. Some of the EIDBI providers do it voluntarily and some do not as it is only a recommendation. I understand it will cost around $42.00 for each applicant, but the health and safety of our children should be priceless. We all know about the Jensen case and I really hope Minnesota is proactive this time and protects the kids, rather than be reactive and wait until (God Forbid) something horrible happens.

As always, I thank you for your time and hope you will include requiring a background study in EIDBI.
Idil – Somali Autism Mom

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